Do you enjoy blogging on the reg? Do you fear commitment but still have valuable atmospheric insight to share? Do you have some scorching hot meteorology takes to unleash upon the worldwide web? Do you just have some cool weather photos or videos you want to share?

If you answered “yes” or “uh I dunno maybe” to any of these questions, AtmoLife is looking for you! Shoot us an email or slide into our DMs if you are interested in becoming a contributor. There is plenty of opportunity to blog with us regularly, but there is also absolutely no commitment required! Seriously. Even if you just have that one thing you want to share this one time, we’d love to have you aboard.

As a meteorology blog specially catered for meteorology enthusiasts, it’s imperative we gain the perspective of many people within the meteorology community. We only have 2 rules for blogging on our site: 1) Don’t say anything degrading toward other meteorology people (or anyone really), and 2) No plagiarizing. Your unique experiences with our incredible science will help grow AtmoLife into the blogging death machine vibrant online community we strive to become!