Welcome to Morning Glory, the AtmoLife daily links feature named after the Northern Australian weather phenomenon pictured above.

Within Morning Glory, we may inject an occasional rant or a personal anecdote, but mainly we aggregate other people’s content of weather related things and pass it off as our own. It’s a great way to get y’all caught up on ICMYI meteorology stories from the previous day (or weekend), so get off our damn case. If you do however somehow stumble upon this site within the next few weeks and want a better reason to slander our credibility, the whole “daily” aspect of Morning Glory may take a while to come to fruition, as AtmoLife is still very much in its infancy.

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Now for today’s links!


There’s not much going on here yet, but our official welcome message is out tryna spread the good word of AtmoLife.

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“We forded rivers and narrowly survived dysentery to get to THIS!?” The remnants of Typhoon Songda battered the Pacific Northwest on Friday, and brought the sightings of rare tornadoes to Oregon.

Since we’re rounding up, I happen to be 6 feet tall!

If western Kansas had trees, I’m sure people would be griping about how the leaves aren’t changing colors yet.


Our friends across the pond are perplexed by our superstorms and American football, but they did manage to include a really cool video of an Oregon high school football game impacted by the same Pacific Storm mentioned earlier.