Other than #octoaster and this Nebraska blob thing, there’s not a whole lot going on weather-wise across the US today. With no major weather events occurring along the I-95 corridor, today is by definition a slow news day for America.

This warm, dry weather has lead to plenty of wildfires however, most notably the Junkins fire in Colorado, which has already burned over 16 thousand acres and is still 0% contained. KRDO in Colorado Springs has the latest scoop.

On the other side of the globe, people in the Philippines are bracing for the impacts of Super Typhoon Haima. Eyewall winds of 155 mph are merely hours away from making landfall in the northern part of the country. As always, you can visit our disaster relief charities page to help out with the recovery efforts from this storm.

Okay, this is the last time we’ll talk about winter storm names (until the storms happen).

Yesterday, The Weather Channel released their winter storm names for 2016-2017. We graded the names while avoiding the discussion of whether winter storms should or shouldn’t be named in the first place. All opinions regarding that issue have already been stated, so click on the links in the previous sentence for past editorials with far more intelligent viewpoints than anything we can come up with.