Since AtmoLife is focused on becoming the online hub for folks in all facets of meteorology, we want to reacquaint you with the many types of people you meet in our field. Our new weekly series runs through a list of various corners of our science, and within each corner, we list the types of people you’re likely to run into. It’s a listicle of listicles, if I may. *Buzzfeed servers explode*

The first post in our series begins our journey they way it all began for us. Let’s meet the ATMO undergrad students.

1. The overzealous storm chaser

You spent the last 48 hours in the middle seat of your friend’s ’93 Corolla seeing nothing but blue skies under a relentless cap. Dejected, you return to your college town during the wee hours of Monday morning just in time to fail (C- with the curve) the dynamics final you blew off for what said friend insisted would be the tornado outbreak of the decade. After the exam, you stumble all the way to bed and doze off immediately, only to be rudely awoken by the same asshat who first drug you into this mess. “Get up! We got go! There’s gonna be gorilla hail!” A few choice words and a long nap later, you call your friend back to apologize for those words, only to be startled by the sound of baseballs bashing a car roof and windshield on the other end of the line. “THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!” they shout as they somehow drive the indestructible Corolla out in 1 piece. In this moment, your FOMO foams through the phone, and you vow to not miss the next chase with this friend, so long as y’all ain’t taking your car.

2. The “In it for TV” person

“When do we get to practice in front of the green screen?” the person sitting next to you asks on the first day of ATMO 101. The resulting snickering from the rest of the class would certainly crush the will of the weak-minded, but not them. This person shakes off their naive gaffe rather effortlessly, and has a TV station internship lined up by the end of their freshman year. Although they struggle through some of the more math-intensive courses, their determination keeps them sitting next to you as your meteorology class size gradually dwindles, and they ultimately become a very good friend of yours. You watch their demo broadcast tapes steadily improve and have no doubt they will work their way up to a large media market before they’re 30. With less than a semester of senior year remaining, this person will suddenly change their mind and enroll in an ATMO PhD program.

3. The “In it for the science” person

This person oozes weather weenie. They finished reading your into course’s textbook before the first day of class, and they can derive the geostrophic wind equation in their head. This person becomes your go-to friend to geek out and watch lightning with whenever a storm rolls into town, and they also make a pretty good study partner! They scoff at the mere mention of those clowns who work on air, frequently reciting how many of them don’t even forecast, but on a behind the scenes tour of a regional news station on your school chapter’s AMS field trip, they become enthralled by green-screen technology and realize broadcast was their calling all along.

4. The weather junkie

You met plenty of nerds in high school, but this person is no nerd. This person is entirely new breed of strange that you have never encountered before. Imagine the “In it for the science” person took science steroids and bathed in scientific method serum while watching Local on the 8’s recordings from 14 years ago. Why does this person wear the same AMS t-shirt every day? Do they really have to shout every time they hear thunder? Why do they keep smirking at you every time the climo professor says “outgassing?” Their obsession with meteorology completely suffocates any hope of them developing additional interests. Despite their quirks, you still get along with this person quite well as they are a constant fuel for your weather passion. Your weather junkie friend proves to be especially valuable in talking you out of the future bust that your overzealous storm chaser friend wants you to ride along for.

5. The Rager

Your phone rings at 11:30 on a Tuesday night while you’re studying away in the computer lab. You know who’s calling without even looking, and for or a moment, you consider not answering. After nearly going deaf to the “WOOOOOOOOO!” in your ear, you wish you had listened to yourself. As you kindly reject their invitation to get your ass to the bars, you cringe at the though of tomorrow’s inevitable repeat of last week. Tomorrow, they will again trot into your 8 AM class 30 minutes late, and you will reluctantly let them copy the notes you so meticulously inscribed. As an excuse for missing so many classes and study sessions, they blab about their involvement with many student activities, even though this directly translates to drinking with multiple groups of people. The most frustrating part about this person is how they somehow still manage a higher GPA than yours. You often think about cutting off all communication with them, but then a Friday night rolls around where you have nothing to do. You know which friend to call.