Here at AtmoLife we have a “pro-beer” standpoint. I’m not entirely sure what that means (I’m just a guest blogger, okay?) but I’m not about to turn down an opportunity to blog about happy hours. In this easy to understand, “how to” guide, you will find a plethora of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your happy hour based on what season you’re currently experiencing. If like me, you reside in Texas, please just refer to your Summer habits year round. For everyone else, here’s how to happy hour in the fall.

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The first step to a successful happy hour in the fall is to use one (or more!) of these hashtags on your Instagram photo, complete with the Valencia filter. If you are not wearing proper fall attire (flannel, vest, boots, scarf) then it’s best not to be in the photo at all.

Other than attire there are many things to take into consideration when you happy hour in the fall. For one, this is prime patio season. If you are not picking your happy hour location based on the best patio in town, then get out of my face. Bonus points for those giant space heaters some bars have. Because we all know it’s t-shirt weather during the day, but sweater weather at night. Unfortunately fall weather can be a complete CF to deal with when trying to happy hour. Gale force winds? Rain? SNOW? Unrelenting heat and humidity (Actually I was told humidity was a below average weather term. Fight me, idk what else to call it).

Now, let’s move onto the important part. What exactly does one order during their fall happy hour? Well, friends. If you aren’t ordering an Oktoberfest beer, Moscow mule, or spiced cider then get up. Walk out of the bar. Walk to the nearest intersection. Patiently wait until you get hit by a bus.

Here at AtmoLife we take our seasonal drink orders very seriously.

Some activities to take part in while happy houring during fall: laughing at people who don’t know how to dress for fall weather, silently judging people for their “non fall inspired” drink orders, openly judging guests who “already ate so no, I don’t want to split an appetizer even though it would be easy to hide this food baby beneath my vest.”

That’s it. You’ve now been fully versed on how to properly happy hour during the wonderful season we call Fall. Now, grab your buds, a jacket, a scarf, a beanie…uhm, maybe an umbrella too, and get your butt to the nearest bar.