Hoo boy. AtmoLife is 4 days old, and I’m already running thin on material and late on posts. I’m glad y’all seemed to like our article about The 5 undergrads you meet in every meteorology program. I can promise more good quality posts like these for 2 weeks tops, but afterward, this blog is going to rely on people like you writin’ stuff for us.

This writin’ includes the Morning Glory, which is super easy to create if your schedule allows it on a specific day. It’s just a few weather links you find interesting from AtmoLife and elsewhere and maybe some jokes or ranting if you feel like it. My schedule is not so favorable today, hence why your breakfast is late. What I’m saying is that if we got some other damn chefs in this kitchen, we could enjoy tasty breakfasts every day.

Also, to channel my 2005 MySpace persona, START LEAVING SOME EFFING COMMENTS, especially on the Morning Glory posts. The true purpose of these posts are to start a dialogue every day among us mets.

Now here’s some dang links.

Typhoon Haima barrels toward China after unleashing deadly landslides in the Philippines – AccuWeather

Here’s a cool map of the Junkins Fire and the extinguishment efforts – Great Basin National Incident Management Team

Farewell #octoaster.


Have a thirsty Thursday everybody.