Mother Nature, just like the rest of us beings, has its sensual side. AtmoLife is not ashamed to hide our sensuality, and we believe in celebrating #SensualWeather. Below is glossary of real life meteorology terms that are meant to be interpreted however you want to interpret them. *wink emoji* We will continually update this glossary as new terminology is uncovered.

Dirty Ridge: “Late night Weather Channel was showing dirty ridges again.”

Dry Slot: “I’m sorry you were expecting more inches, but I wasn’t expecting a dry slot.”

Haboob: “After seeing those haboobs, I now understand the appeal of West Texas.”

Hoar Frost: “Dammit I got hoar frost all over my bush.”

Mammatus: I don’t even need to make a joke for this. It’s literally Latin for boob clouds.

Moist Adiabat: “Nothing expands a parcel quite like a moist adiabat.”

Moist Tongue: “This moist tongue has sure made everything sticky.”

Overshooting Top: “Well the cap broke, and now the overshooting top is making anvil go everywhere.”

Perturbation: “I walked in on my colleague perturbating models again.”

Panhandle Hooker: “We’ll be in this panhandle hooker for the rest of the night so we might as well stop at the next motel.”

Penetration Depth: “With this much penetration depth you can expect quite the disturbance at the surface.” (h/t Commenter Michael)

Penetrating Top: “Is the entire anvil penetrating the tropopause or just the top?”

Rain Shaft: “I’ll be soaked by the time I’m through this rain shaft.”

Rear Inflow Jet: “Nothing like a rear inflow jet to clean out a dirty ridge.”

Sling Psychrometer: “Quit whacking me with your sling psycrometer!”

Triple Point: “Finding the triple point was difficult, but getting there was the climax of our chase.”

Vertical Development: “If vertical development isn’t occurring naturally, there are certain lifting mechanisms that can force it up.”

Wet Bulb: “Quit playing with your sling psychrometer and use it for the wet bulb already.”

Wet Deposition: “There wasn’t much particulate matter left in the rain shaft after wet deposition shot it all to the ground.”