PROGRAMMING NOTE: The format of the Morning Glory title used to look like “Morning Glory: MM-DD-YY” but now looks like “Morning Glory – MM.DD.YY”. Nobody cares, but there’s been such quiet-ass weather lately that I’m struggling to find things to write about. Let’s talk about some additional non-weather things.

I’m working from home today! This is because my boss is out of town and gave me permission, but I’m pretending to WFH for a much more asinine reason. My office is full of Penn State Meteorology grads who have nothing better to do than brag about their BIGGEST VICTORY EVER YOU GUYS. This would be fine if my own alma mater, Texas A&M, hadn’t played so sloppily BEEN SCREWED BY THE REFS during their game against Alabama. Alas, Penn State was the only school to pull off a stunning upset against a top ranked opponent this weekend, therefore I’m happy I have chance to stay at home while my coworkers get their football gloating juices out of their systems today.

It’s worth noting that in addition to beer, AtmoLife has a pro college football editorial standpoint. Beer and college football combine to make tailgating, therefore AtmoLife is EXTREMELY pro tailgating.

Now here’s some links that loosely relate to meteorology.


Introducing the Sensual Meteorology Glossary! Our comprehensive guide to all #SensualWeather. Your move, AMS glossary.

For all you #DrinkingWithMets folks out there, or for anyone who just wants a good brew that pairs well with the current weather, check out our Weekly Weather Beer…of the Week! This week’s WWBofW is “What the Hatch” from No Label Brewing Co.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I told y’all it was quiet week. Post your own links in the comments if you have any interesting weather items to share.