Happy Halloween weekend, when some of us wear ironic costumes that no one gets the punchline, or others use it as an excuse to show the goods at our parties where there is good punch, good hard cider, and good beer. And that’s where I come in. I want to give you a good stout Pumpkin beer that can be enjoyed this Halloween and that I have enjoyed many Halloweens. It’s St. Arnold’s Pumpkinator, an Imperial Pumpkin Stout. It’s a limited batch release which means unless you are in Texas enjoying this warm weather you are SOL haha, but I am sure there are some analogous beers of your liking on the East Coast, West Coast or the Rockies.

I just wanted to share of one of my favorite beers I enjoy around Halloween. I have learned not to make fun of some people when they go “basic” with their pumpkin spiced lattes because I am the equivalent to that with Oktoberfest and Pumpkin flavored beers.

Mugs Raised and Happy Halloween,