Meh. This weather stinks. Looks like you folks down south have it pretty nice today though, and that normally seems to be the case when comparing northern to southern weather. I’ve always held the theory that folks down south are a lot nicer than people up here due to the weather differences. Maybe I’d walk a little slower, stop to chat with a passerby, and take in the scenery more if the wind wasn’t whipping slush pellets into my face 6 months of the year.

Speaking of crappy weather, I have no idea what’s going on with this map, or the methodology behind the predictions, but this is an actual winter outlook posted by a Facebook page with over 500k followers.


Send some of those followers our way please! Here’s your links for today.


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What type of weather scares you the most? Learn more about the top-1o weather phobias among Americans from AccuWeather.

Also from AccuWeather, both MLB teams competing in this year’s World Series have stadiums located near a Great Lake. Learn how the lakeside weather influences baseball games. (Editor’s note: They don’t explain anything about how weather influences baseball games.)


Hope y’all are ready for some dingers.