Whether you enjoy college football tailgating (we sure do!), dawning your sharpest All Souls’ Day masquerade, or hiking through the finest foliage, enjoy some great outdoors this weekend. With high pressure and zonal upper-level flow dominating much of the US this weekend (lol sorry Pac Northwest), most of us within the contiguous states can enjoy some fantastic fall weather. Hibernation season awaits, and you’ll miss gorgeous autumn weekends like this one very soon, so carpe the shit out of this diem!


Pumkin beer: It’s Halloween candy for grown-ups! Landonsweatherscoop previews the perfect beer pairing for scaring the neighborhood children.

Are we famous now?



Here’s an actual winter outlook! Capital Weather Gang has the scoop for our government officials.

Check out this drone footage of incredible fall foliage in Michigan! (via AccuWeather)

Happy Halloweekend everybody!