Happy Halloween everybody! We hope y’all had a blast and stayed safe with your early celebrations this weekend. Try not to worry about anything embarrassing you might’ve done because at least you didn’t polish an entire fifth of Jim Beam on your own and then drunk tweet about college football on the @atmolife account. Not saying that I did. There is no proof these tweets ever existed, unless someone took screenshots of said hypothetical tweets. If that’s the case, it would just mean that we’re important enough for the internet to want to save our every move.

In other news, some weather things happened this weekend!

Check out this sweet time-lapse of a thunderstorm rolling through NYC yesterday from the top of the World Trade Center.

Did fascinating weather occur outside of New York as well this weekend? I guess the world will never know unless you talk about it in the comments below.

Now go eat lots of candy, scare some kids, and partake in things normally frowned upon on Mondays!