Check it out, we’re famous! The Capital Weather Gang features a hard hitting weather graphic from AtmoLife in their thinkpiece on why forecasters should stop sharing winter outlook maps. The article makes great points about how the full spectrum of expected weather over the course of an entire season is difficult to accurately capture and convey in a single image. If I may also add, a lot of these maps are generally shitty, and much like our own, discretize the seasonal forecast by STATE. I highly doubt San Diego and Lake Tahoe are going to experience similar winters, but these are actual forecasts distributed to an unreasonably large number of uninformed individuals, which ultimately give credible meteorologists like us a bad reputation.


And now a word from my employer (aside from my views not representing theirs). High resolution wind mapping helps the global (re)insurance industry respond proactively rather than reactively to ongoing and potential hurricane events.

XKCD is ready for nader season.


lol we forgot to do #content on our website yesterday. We did however, determine this official hashtag for this month’s unseasonably warm weather.


Congrats, #NovemBURN! Y’all picked a good one. Thanks to everyone who voted, as this was by far the most important election that will take place this month.