Last night, the Cleveland Indians lost an extra-inning heart-breaker in game 7 of the World Series at home versus the Chicago Cubs. While we at AtmoLife are very happy for all you Cubs fans out there, we also want to console our Ohio friends hurting after last night, and what better way to provide consolation than blaming the loss on something completely unreasonable?


There’s an idea! If global warming caused the rain delay as this (now deleted) tweet suggests, then perhaps it also caused the Indians to lose the game all together. Is this a plausible scenario?

The correct answer: No.

The fun answer: OH MY GOD, MAYBE.

Our blog cares about having fun just as much (probably more) than we care about being accurate, so let’s explore each component of this scenario with both the correct and fun approaches.

1. Did global warming cause rain instead of snow?

The correct answer: No. First of all, one weather event is not indicative of a shift in climatological averages or extremes. If rain does not normally occur in Cleveland this time of year, the warm precipitation was simply an outlier in the tail end of a massive bell curve of weather observations. Furthermore, rain IS common in Cleveland this time of year. According to NOAA, Cleveland usually doesn’t get their first snowfall until mid-to-late November.


The Fun answer: IF THE GREEN PARTY THINKS SO IT MUST BE TRUE! They’re the party that cares the most about the environment, ergo they understand climate change the best. Kinda like how Libertarians understand liberty better than the rest of us.

2. Would the game have been delayed had snow been falling instead of rain?

The correct answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The fun answer: PROBABLY NOT. Playing extra innings of a World Series game 7 in the snow would’ve been huge for ratings! Yuuuuuge! What umpire wants to take away from that?

3. Did the delay take momentum away from the Cleveland Indians?

The correct answer: Science is unable to prove if sporting momentum is even real. It very well could be, and the narratives sure make it feel that way, but generally speaking, the natural variability of a team’s success over the course of a game leads to clusters of ample success and clusters of very little. Even if momentum was real in this scenario, Cleveland seemed to lose whatever 8th inning magic they had the following inning before the rain delay even occurred.

The fun answer: HOLY SHIT IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. Rajai Davis had that look in his eye where he was ready to mash another pitch over the wall, and that dang rain delay took it away. There is an alternate universe where we all drive electric cars, eat less beef, drink water from nalgenes, and Rajai Davis hits walk-off snow dingers to win the World Series for the Cleveland Native Americans!