We have yet to even reach the official beginning of winter, but people across America are already fed up with the wrath of the arctic and are longing for warmer temperatures. Thankfully, a few warm weather events are on their way!

January Thaw

Here’s some good news for the people who matter to The Weather Channel (lol sorry West Coast)! While a warmer than average January isn’t saying much, the weather may still prove to be more pleasant than this past week for much of the country. It appears that the NOAA forecasts somewhat agree, with some added good news for you cold weather wussies down south.



This may somewhat stretch the definition of “around the corner”, but long-range forecasts show a remarkable consensus that temperatures this coming summer will be much warmer than they are right now!

Global Warming

We’re uncertain just how big this corner is, as we are likely already rounding it, but it’s looking more and more likely that temperatures 50 years from now will be 1 or 2 degrees warmer on average than they are right now depending on where you live. With these warmer temperatures, the wind chills will also likely increase by an average of 1 or 2 degrees. Imagine how much nicer this past week would’ve been with ice pellets stinging your face at a wind chill of -5 degrees rather than -7 degrees.

Giant Meteor

A quick google search and skimming of this tabloid yields a hypothesis that TWO different asteroids may collide with the earth between the years of 2175 and 2185. That’s right around the corner for your great grandchildren! NASA gives a 1 in 345 chance of collision to the more likely of the 2 asteroids, but if it hits, it’s guaranteed to get very very warm all across our planet!

Sun Engulfing the Earth

Approximately 7.5 billion years from now can easily be considered just around the corner, since the illusion of time will no longer be perceived by our long ago deceased selves. The weather will almost certainly be very warm when this solar expansion occurs, although the humidity of our entire planet vaporizing may feel uncomfortable, much like Houston in July.

Heat Death of the Universe

When all free thermodynamic energy in the universe is ultimately exhausted roughly 1E1000 years from now, and the entropy of the universe inevitably reaches its maximum, nothing except for heat will remain in this thermodynamic equilibrium. Talk about warm and cozy weather!