We’ve seen a few articles here and there listing the best meteorologists on Twitter. AtmoLife’s top 100 meteorology accounts of 2017 is not one of these lists.

Instead, we’re listing the meteorologists/organizations who are best at using Twitter. We’ve sought out those in our atmospheric science community who bring their unique scientific perspectives to #wxtwitter in the most intriguing, informative, thought provoking, humorous, or jaw dropping fashions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for our list! This has helped us discover many great accounts that we may not have fully recognized otherwise. If you feel like you have been snubbed, we encourage you to keep up that online #grind and perhaps you’ll find yourself on AtmoLife’s 2018 list if Twitter still exists a year from now. We encourage quality over quantity tweeting, and it is not required to #StickToWeather. Also worth noting is that many of our top 100 fit into multiple categories. If you’re on the list and you feel like your primary focus belongs in a different section, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Without further ado, listed in no particular order, here are your top 100 meteorology Twitter accounts to follow in 2017!

Government Agencies

1. National Weather Service (@NWS) – The mothership for all NWS. We also recommend following your local NWS office!

2. NOAA NCEI Climate (@NOAANCEIclimate) – NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. Home of the US Drought monitor as well as other cutting-edge climate information and research.

3. NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) – Incredible NOAA satellite imagery fueling your inner weather geek.

4. NWS Weather Prediction Center (@NWSWPC) – Formerly the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC). Share their QPF maps instead of shitty model output.

5. National Severe Storms Laboratory (@NOAANSSL) – Your go-to twitter follow for cutting-edge severe weather research.

6. Storm Prediction Center (@NWSSPC) – The official, government sanctioned, mostly hype free severe weather outlooks.

7. USAF Hurricane Hunters (@53d_HHA) – Official twitter page for the US Air Force 53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

8. NOAA Hurricane Hunters (@NOAA_HurrHunter) – NOAA’s team of weather reconnaissance aviators and scientists.

Private/Non-Federal Agencies

9. NCAR & UCAR Science (@AtmosNews) – The leading new source for atmospheric science research. Technically not a government agency even through they’re federally funded ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They also nominated themselves. smh.

10. The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) – The global leader in weather media. You’ve probably heard of these folks.

11. AccuWeather (@accuweather) – Another weather media heavyweight and a pioneer of bringing broadcast meteorology into the online realm.

12. Weather Underground (@wunderground) – Now a subsidiary of The Weather Company, but still providing thorough weather forecasting along with an excellent blog from Dr. Jeff Masters and co.

13. The Weather Network (@weathernetwork) – The global leader in Canadian weather media.

14. Pivotal Weather (@PivotalWeather) – Your trusty source for weather forecast maps that are as free as America. Please share responsibly.

15. SunsetWx (@sunset_wx) – Predicting where the most aesthetically pleasing sunrises and sunsets will occur and posting incredible pictures people took thanks to their forecasts. They also threatened to block us on Twitter if we excluded them.

16. Oklahoma Mesonet (@okmesonet) – Statewide network of weather observation instruments and a twitter account that hammers home their Oklahoma roots.

Meteorology blogs

17. Capital Weather Gang (@capitalweather) – Superb weather blogging from The Washington Post, somewhat focusing on our Nation’s Capital, but providing excellent news and explanations for meteorology phenomena worldwide.

18. US Tornadoes (@USTornadoes) – From forecasts, to photos, to conceptual discussions, US Tornadoes is the buffet of American naders your twitter feed craves.

19. The weather junkies (@thewxjunkies) – This weather blog and podcast is specially catered to atmospheric enthusiasts like you.

20. Daily Wx Updates (@daily_wx) – Solid blogging and even more solid twitter game.

21. Day In WX History (@weather_history) – Take a trip down memory jet stream with incredible archive detailing historic weather events.

22. AtmoLife (@atmolife) – You didn’t think we’d exclude ourselves, did you? As we plan to grow our blog and weather community in 2017, we promise to maintain our B-list twitter jokes.

Broadcast Mets

23. James Spann (@spann) – Chief Meteorologist, ABC 33/40 Birmingham

24. Kait Parker (@WeatherKait) – Meteorologist, TWC and ABC, Destroyer of Breibart

25. Eric Fisher (@ericfisher) – Chief Meteorologist, CBS Boston

26. Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) – Chief Meteorologist, NBC Charlotte

27. Ellen Bacca (@ellenbacca) – Meteorologist, WOOD TV Grand Rapids

28. Justin Bruce (@just1nbruce) – Meteorologist, KTNV Las Vegas

29. Nick Lilja (@NickLilja) – Chief Meteorologist, WDAM Hattiesburg

30. Stephanie Abrams (@StephanieAbrams) – Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

31. Paul Heggen (@PaulHeggenWSMV) – Meteorologist, WSMV Nashville

32. Molly McCollum (@WXMolly) – Meteorologist, KTUL Tulsa

33. Ryan Hanrahan (@ryanhanrahan) – Meteorologist, NBC Hartford

34. Emily Roehler (@EmilyRoehler) – Morning Meteorologist, KKTV Colorado Springs

35. Scott Sistek (@ScottSKOMO) – Meteorologist, KOMO Seattle

36. Tim Buckley (@TimBuckleyWX) – Meteorologist, WFMY Greensboro

37. John Morales (@JohnMoralesNBC6) – Chief Meteorologist, WTVJ Miami, Founder of ClimaData, Bilingual (English and Spanish) weather tweeter

38. Heather Sophia (@HeatherSophiaTV) – Meteorologist, WBLT Jackson

39. Samantha Roberts (@SamRobertsWX) Meteorologist – WOIO Cleveland

40. Bill Taylor (@BillTaylorKENS5) – Meteorologist, KENS San Antonio

41. Ari Sarsalari (@AriWeather) – Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

42. Chris Holcomb (@ChrisHolcomb) – Meteorologist, WXIA Atlanta


43. Alex Lamers (@AlexJLamers) – Meteorologist, NESDIS

44. Eric Blake (@EricBlake12) – Hurricane Specialist, NHC

45. Taylor Trogdon (@TTrogdon) – Senior Scientist, NHC Storm Surge Unit

46. Caleb Grunzke (@CalebGrunzke) – Research Associate, SPC/CIMMS

47. Scott Bachmeier (@CIMSS_Satellite) – Research Meteorologist, CIMSS (yes there is a CIMMS and also a CIMSS)

48. WCM Krissy (@WCM_Krissy) – Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Nashville

49. Morgan Abigail (@morganabigail) – Meteorologist, NWS Mobile

50. Tim Cermak (@toweringCU) – Meteorologist, NWS Mobile

51. John P. Moore III (@WxTrey) – Meteorologist, NWS Jackson MS

52. Gary Szatkowski (@GarySzatkowski) – Meteorologist, NWS Mount Holly

53. Courtney Obergfell (@ceober4) – Meteorologist, NWS Sacramento

Atmospheric Science Professors

54. Marshall Shepherd (@DrShepherd2013) – University of Georgia, Focus on hydrometeorology, remote sensing, and climate change

55. Shawn Milrad (@shawnmilrad) – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Focus on synoptic meteorology and forecasting

56. Jason Furtado (@wxjay) – University of Oklahoma, Focus on large-scale climate dynamics

57. Stephanie Zick (@sezick) – Virginia Tech, Focus on Tropical Cyclones

58. Jeff Frame (@VORTEXJeff) – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Focus on storm structure, severe and winter weather

Miscellaneous Mets

59. Ian Livingston (@islivingston) – Meteorologist with Capital Weather Gang and co-founder of US Tornadoes.

60. Matt Lanza (@mattlanza) – Meteorologist with Space City Weather and contributor to FiveThirtyEight

61. Becky Elliot (@wx_becks) – Meteorologist with AccuWeather

62. Dennis Merserau (@wxdam) – Contributor to Forbes and Mental Floss, Founder of The Vane (RIP), Roaster of chemtrail conspiracy theorists.

63. Angela Fritz (@angelafritz) – Deputy Weather Editor for Capital Weather Gang and The Washington Post

64. Ayesha Wilkinson (@Ayesha_NW) – Climate change researcher with SCRiM and HBCU, Broadcast meteorologist with FSU Weather

65. Briana Gordon (@GAWXer) – Meteorologist and Weather Producer with The Weather Channel

66. Ed Vallee (@EdValleeWx) – Energy/Ag Meteorologist with BAMWX.com

67. Anthony Masiello (@antmasiello) – Meteorologist with NJDOT

68. crankyweatherguy (@crankywxguy) – Synoptic expert and forecaster for the Northeastern US. Founder of stormhamster.com

69. CapeCodWeather.Net (@capecodweather) – Weather forecaster for Cape Cod, Emergency management meteorologist

70. Anthony Sagliani (@anthonywx) – Meteorological operations manager at Earth Networks and Weather Bug

71. Bryan Wood (@bryanwx) – Meteorologist and Storm Damage Analyst in the insurance industry

72. Philippe Papin (@pppapin) – Atmospheric Science PhD candidate at The University of Albany

73. Phillip Klotzbach (@philklotzbach) – Meteorologist with Colorado State University, Seasonal hurricane forecast specialist

74. Levi Cowan (@TropicalTidbits) – Atmospheric Science grad student at Florida State University and founder of TropicalTidbits.com

75. Stu Ostro (@StuOstro) – Senior Meteorologist with The Weather Channel

76. Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) – Research Atmospheric Scientist with WeatherBELL, Think tanker for CATO Center for the Study of Science

77. Nate Johnson (@nsj) – Aviation meteorologist, WRAL-Raleigh weather broadcaster/producer, Lecturer and Gameday Forecaster with NC State University

78. Michael Ventrice (@MJVentrice) – Energy Meteorologist for The Weather Company

79. Alicia Bentley (@AliciaMBentley) – Atmospheric Science PhD candidate at The University of Albany

80. Jayson Prentice (@SeverePlains) – Meteorologist with Kansas Department of Health and Environment

81. Sam Lillo (@splillo) – Atmospheric Science PhD candidate at The University of Oklahoma

82. Jen DeHart (@jcdehart) – Atmospheric Science Graduate Student at The University of Washington, also put together an incredibly handy food/coffee guide for those attending the 2017 AMS Annual Meeting

Storm Chasers

83. Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) – Extreme Meteorologist for AccuWeather. Formerly TVN and Storm Chasers. We like to joke about the whole “extreme” thing, but his footage speaks for itself.

84. Quincy Vagell (@stormchaserQ) – Meteorologist and storm chaser, US Tornadoes contributor

85. Texas Storm Chasers (@TxStormChasers) – Network of Texas-based storm chaser with additional weather forecast blogging.

86. Tornado Titans (@TornadoTitans) – Network of Southern Great Plains-based storm chasers with additional weather forecast blogging.

87. Greg Johnson (@TornadoGreg) – Saskatchewan-based storm chaser with Tornado Hunters.

88. Beth Allan (@adolwyn) – Alberta-based storm chaser and nature photographer.

89. Josh Morgerman (@iCyclone) – Hurricane chaser and founder of iCyclone.

90. Ben Holcomb (@oklahomachaser) – Oklahoma-based storm chaser, Founder of oklahomachaser.com


91. Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49) – Alaska based Climatology PhD

92. Kathie Dello (@KathieDello) – Associate Director for Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

93. Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) – Reading, UK based climatologist. Creator of the climate spiral graphic used in the 2016 Olympic opening ceremony.


94. NWS Podunk (@NWSPodunk) – Fictional NWS office constantly experiencing not so fictional problems.

95. Best Weather Experts (@BestWxExperts) – Fictional private-sector forecasting that’s worth every extra dollar you pay them

96. Fake Reed Timmer (@fakereedtimmer) – You can’t prove that the real Reed Timmer ISN’T running this account.

97. Fake Mike Morgan (@FakeMikeMorgan) – Driving the #HYPETRAIN south and alerting you when it’s May 3rd all over again

98. Hot Weather Takes (@paulythegun) – DC based Photoshop/GIF maker,  Creator the Cruz noggin federal closure index, Advocate of #jetweirding

99. stormchasernick (@stormchasernick) – Cincinnati/E. Pittsburg based Photoshop/GIF maker, storm chaser, map defacer

100. The Long John Index (@longjohnindex) – Keeping Canadians covered during the winter months with good ol’ fashioned hand-drawn maps