AtmoCup 2017 Week 2 Standings

1. Hobart and William Smith Colleges – 3 Points
T2. Purdue University – 1 Point
T2. Mississippi State University – 1 Point
T2. University of Michigan – 1 Point
T2. San Jose State University – 1 Point
T6. Everybody else – 0 points

Rundown of This Week’s Points

1/16 -Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 3 points – Weekly Instagram Contest


1/17 – University of Michigan, 1 point – Random bonus point

1/18 – Mississippi State University, 1 point – Storm spotting: Houston, TX (Turning around and not drowning)

1/19 – Purdue University, 1 point – Random bonus point

Ways you can earn AtmoCup points for your school RIGHT NOW

Storm Spotting

Tweet us (@atmolife) your photos/videos of extreme weather you encounter during this AtmoCup season, and you can “claim” it for your school. Below is our list of meteorological phenomena and their corresponding points.

  • Tornado: 3 points
  • Hail > 2″: 1 point
  • Hail > 4″: 2 points
  • Waterspout: 1 point
  • Thundersnow (can be claimed on a per-storm basis, not per-lightning strike): 1 point lightning, 1 point thunder, 3 points both
  • White-out Blizzard: 1 point
  • Freezing rain accretion > 1″: 1 point
  • Freezing rain accretion > 2″: 2 points
  • Haboob: 2 points
  • Turning around and not drowning: 1 point
  • Heat burst: 5 points
  • Snownado: 100 points

Instagram contest

As previously mentioned in our Weekly Siren Test, you can earn AtmoCup points and a free AtmoLife koozie by tagging our Instagram account (atmolife) in your photo/video that fits the criteria of our weekly challenge.

This week’s challenge: Post and tag us in a photo/video of a pretty sunset. Deadline for submissions is 12Z Monday. Below is our example.

Good Tweetin’ / Random bonus points

We award good tweets and random bonus points at our own discretion, so keep your twitter game sharp and you might get lucky. Michigan earned a point this week just by asking pretty please.

Full AtmoCup Rules

Here are the complete rules and details of our 2017 AtmoCup competition. We’ll be sure to post this link in each weekly update for your convenience.

Now get out there and earn some dang points.