AtmoCup 2017 Week 4 Standings

1. North Carolina State University – 8 Points
2. San Jose State University – 4 Points
T3. The University of Kansas – 3 Points
T3. Arizona State University – 3 Points
T3. University of Northern Colorado – 3 Points
T3. Hobart and William Smith Colleges – 3 Points
T7. Oregon State University – 2 Points
T7. Virginia Tech University – 2 Points
T9. Purdue University – 1 Point
T9. Mississippi State University – 1 Point
T9. University of Michigan – 1 Point
T12. Everybody else – 0 Points

Rundown of This Week’s Points

1/30 – Oregon State, 1 Point – Random Bonus Point, Recommended this week’s Weekly Instagram Challenge

1/31 – SJSU/KU, 3 Points Each – Weekly Instagram Challenge, As seen in our Weekly Siren Test

Ways you can earn AtmoCup points for your school RIGHT NOW

Here are the complete rules and details of our 2017 AtmoCup competition listing the many ways in which you can earn points. We’ll be sure to post this link in each weekly update for your convenience. Here’s a brief overview of this week’s opportunities:

Now get out there and earn some dang points.