Welcome to the Weekly Siren Test, AtmoLife’s hodgepodge of meteorological happenings helping you survive your Monday Tuesday (yeah it’s just gonna be Tuesdays from now on). Content may or may not be satire, and it is your responsibility to decipher that for yourself.

Last night on our twitter page, we teased a new upcoming feature on AtmoLife.

Today, we are pleased to introduce additional details of our plans for Nader Week, AtmoLife’s 1st annual celebration of our tornado fascination beginning Sunday, March 5th and lasting through Saturday, March 10th.

It’s essentially our Shark Week, but conveniently timed at the beginning of storm season to get you extra pumped for naders. And yes, we realize The Weather Channel ran “Tornado Week” as recently as 2014, but we’ll be sure to avoid the critical mistake they made in promoting their feature: interrupting a usual set of weather forecast programming that millions have depended on for decades.

WHEW, we sure dodged that bullet. Since people aren’t flooding our inbox asking how today’s weather will impact their livelihoods, LET THE TORNADO HYPE BEGIN!

Throughout #NaderWeek2017, we plan to bombard your various social media pages with piping hot tornado #content of multiple varieties. This means plenty of blogging, some videos, cheesy tornado jokes/photoshops/gifs, tornado relief fundraisers, and of course, contests!

We even have a special addendum to our existing AtmoCup contest, all tornadoes claimed during Nader Week are worth 6 points for your school (double the usual number).

Since we’re promising y’all a TIVload of nader content, we need your help with producing said content. Do you have a forecast for this upcoming tornado season that you’d like to discuss? Become an AtmoLife contributor! Is there a past tornado event you’d like to provide a technical recap of? Become an AtmoLife contributor! Do you have information on how communities prepare for/respond to tornado disasters? Become an AtmoLife contributor! Do you have stories of a personal tornado experience? Become an AtmoLife contributor! Do you have some sweet nader pics/vids you’d like the meteorology community to see? Become an AtmoLife contributor! Is there anything remotely tornado related that you’d like to share? Become an AtmoLife contributor!


I haven’t seen a group from Atlanta choke that badly since The Weather Channel whiffed on their DirecTV negotiations.

I’m surprised it took post-season reanalysis to upgrade Hurricane Otto to a Major Hurricane (Cat 3). We Otto have known that when it was occurring.

Now that we know Punxsutawney Phil can see his shadow on a cloudy day, we should use him to read visible satellite imagery at night.

We need to be careful with tweeting these kinds of things. The White House may think that meteorologists actually study meteors.


Who did it better?


We’re ranking in reverse order this week! These rankings combine the strengths of the team and the team’s name.

10. Phoenix Suns
9. Colorado Avalance
8. Carolina Hurricanes
7. Iowa State Cyclones
6. Miami Heat
5. Miami Hurricanes
4. Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
1. Minnesota Twins

Yes, you read correctly.


We need spring Reed back. While winter Reed’s projecting somewhat higher snowfall totals than the latest NWS forecast, the all caps warning just doesn’t carry the same umph that it does with severe storms.

I mentioned this last week, but I’ll say it again. If you see someone post an absurd weather forecast on twitter/facebook/wherever, please bring it to my attention because this is a section dedicated to poking fun at when people who produce such forecasts. If I use the ridiculously hyped forecast that you have pointed out to me, I’ll be sure to credit you and award your school with an AtmoCup bonus point!

Shout-out to Brandon Black of NC State for pointing out to us this week’s example from Reed. NC State continues their AtmoCup roll with another point.




Each week, AtmoLife asks our followers to post a challenge response photo/video to Instagram and tag our Instagram account (atmolife) in it.

Last week’s challenge: Tag AtmoLife in a new Instagram photo/video, of you, a meteorology person, not sticking to weather.

Here is last week’s winner:


Thank you to everyone who participated, and congrats to djcato3 of NC State for stopping to smell the dead roses, as they say. You win a free AtmoLife koozie and 3 AtmoCup points for your school!

This week’s challenge: Tag AtmoLife in an Instagram photo/video of “Lightening”

Here is our example:

The winning responder will again earn a free AtmoLife koozie and 3 AtmoCup points for their school. We’ll announce the winner in next week’s Siren Test, so be sure to submit your Instagram posts by 12Z Monday!