Good afternoon. I know many of you storm chase or have dreamt¬†about storm chasing when sitting at your desk and thinking wow what a beauty of a nader when you are 2,000 miles away. The same goes for ChaserCon. Even though it’s not nader season yet, the opportunity to get together with others in the storm chasing community is something you don’t want to miss out on. Me and my team from Houston who I started chasing with while an undergrad at Texas A&M have been chasing for 6 years now, so we¬†figured it was time to see what this ChaserCon was all about.


(Editor’s note: Are the red dots on that image supposed to be chasers like on RadarScope?)

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city with fun people and beautiful mountains in the distance creating the perfect host and backdrop for the conference. The talks were very interesting ranging from PHD and Storm Master G (Dr. Greg Forbes) to speakers with photography backgrounds. I learned a lot on how I need to improve my photography such as dealing with contrast and lighting. Then there was learning about how to better interpret radar in context. Sometimes while chasing you forget the folding on couplets or the storm you are chasing is 100 Miles from radar (hello western KS) which makes the “base” reflectivity much less reliable. Then of course, there’s the ever entertaining Tim Marshall as the Tin Man.


If you are a storm chaser of any level or a simply a nader lover, I would recommend going to this conference at least once. Talks are good and humorous, and you also meet some interesting people. It was a pleasure getting to talk to people who work with the DOW about their research along with seeing the vehicle in person.


It will be in Denver again next year so I recommend you go. If you get to spend time outside of the conference I recommend the following places for some #DrinkingWithMets.

Nader Season is coming!!
Happy chasing!