Hey guys, I’m a little drunk and woefully underprepared to begin what I hyped as AtmoLife’s biggest week ever, but that’s what happens when the beginning of tornado season aligns with your birthday.

Anywho, welcome to our week dedicated to the thing every meteorologist loves the most, naders. Even if some PhD says they’re in it for the hurricanes, or for the winter storms, or for the climate, they still like tornadoes the most. It’s simply the most exciting meteorological phenomenon, and anyone who disagrees is a liar.

So here we are. We’ve been cooped up in our houses all winter hating our lives because winter is fucking terrible. Seriously, global warming can’t come soon enough. It’s time for republicans to stop denying global warming, and start supporting global warming. It’s a much more rational opinion than disagreeing with the scientific consensus. But I digress. Let’s talk about naders.

Naders are great, man. I’ve been drinking all weekend and still recognize that they’re just the bee’s knees. That’s why we at AtmoLife have an entire week dedicated to naders. It’s a celebration of every meteorologist’s favorite weather phenomenon. We got plenty of great stories, research, interviews, and other bloggable tornado related material coming your way.

And even better, we got some contests!

For the entire year, we’ve been offering 3 AtmoCup points for claiming tornadoes that you spot, but for this week in particular, those tornadoes are worth double. That’s right. 6 point naders.

In addition, we currently have an ongoing Instagram contest in which we award every participant 1 AtmoCup point. Tag us in your tornado pics/videos. That’s all we ask. You can do this.

Our mission this week is to get you pumped as humanly possible for tornado season. It’s very likely an actual tornado will do a much better job of this than we will, but hey, it feels good to try. So sit back, relax, and be happy that the worst of winter is pretty much over.