In lieu of publishing a tornado season outlook, which we scrapped because US Tornadoes already created a fantastic prognostication that we won’t even attempt to one-up, we at AtmoLife have decided to let y’all make the predictions. To get everyone in the Nader Week spirit, we’re introducing a very simple contest that you can participate in for absolutely free, and yes, there are prizes involved.

Here’s how to play in 3 easy steps:

  1. Contact us
  2. Tell us your Name and your AtmoCup School (the school part is optional, but AtmoCup points will be awarded to the winners).
  3. Tell us how many tornadoes you think will touch down in the US for the months of March, April, May, and June.

The closest guess for each month will win a free AtmoLife koozie and 3 AtmoCup points for their school. The school of the 2nd closest guess earns 2 AtmoCup points, and the 3rd best guess gets 1 AtmoCup point. For the overall tornado total (the sum of your 4 monthly guesses), the closest guesser will earn a whopping 10 points for their school, an AtmoLife koozie, and a commemorative victory plaque. Every subsequent best guess will receive 1 less AtmoCup point than the guess ahead of it (i.e. 2nd place overall = 9 points, 3rd place overall = 8 points, …, 10th place overall = 1 point).

Final tornado counts will be based on filtered SPC reports.

If you’re looking for a foundation to base your predictions on, here are the US monthly tornado averages (via NCEP):

  • March: 80
  • April: 155
  • May: 276
  • June: 243

There have already been 16 filtered tornado reports in March, so we highly recommend predicting at least that amount for this month. Be sure to submit your guesses by 12z Sunday (3/12/17)! We will publish a spreadsheet with everyone’s info and guesses after this deadline has passed.

Good luck and may the naders be plentiful, photogenic, and in open fields away from communities.