If only we could hear the conversations these two mascots could have, I’d imagine it would go something like this.
Owlie: (adjusts glasses) Well this winter has surely been anything but!
Timmy: You sure ain’t kidding! I wasn’t expecting for me to be out so early.
Owlie: What do you mean?
Timmy: Well, do you expect tornadoes in February?
Owlie: Not many to be honest.
Timmy: (sighs) I’d imagine normal everyday people share similar sentiments.
Owlie: These first few months of the year have been rather weird.
Timmy: Seconded! What makes this ‘ole twister really smile is the fact knowing people take action and are safe during these events.
Owlie: Same here! I also really appreciate the hard work of the National Weather Service offices for sticking with these systems and the people who safely send in reports!
Timmy: Kind of an odd sidebar to this conversation, do you ever wonder what a TV show would be like with us?
Owlie: A children’s show?
Timmy: I mean we’d be better than other kid shows…
Owlie: I’m tired, we should get some sleep so we can better help the NWS.
Timmy: (puffs in chest and exhales) BUT THE WEATHER NEVER SLEEPS, OWLIE.