Bro, it’s cool and all that you’ve bagged yourself a few wedges, but real storm chasing is not about what you see, but rather being seen. Step up your storm chase attire with these Chasermeme t-shirts created by Sean Ernst (@Sean_Ernst_Wx). You’ll be sure to turn heads whether you’re snaggin’ a selfie in front of a sidewinder or just grabbing some suds with the buds at Applebee’s after a solid day of core punching. It’s instant street cred sure to make the other amateur chaser nerds hella jelly.

In all seriousness though, you know you want these tee’s to satisfy your inner (or in this case outer) weather weenie. More importantly, all proceeds go to stormassist disaster recovery efforts. As chasers, we frequently witness communities harmed by the storms we hunt, and this fundraiser provides an excellent opportunity to give back to those facing the realities of these hardships. Check out the awesome shirts below!



Chasermemes PDS TOR Shirt $19.99



Hype Train Weather Shirt $20.00 (Available in Black, Green, Red, Blue, Purple)



Skew-T Meme Shirt $20.00