1. Colorado State University – 55 Points
2. North Carolina State University – 52 Points
3. SUNY Albany – 49 Points
4. Penn State University – 33 Points
5. The University of Oklahoma – 18 Points
6. Ball State University – 16 Points
7. Indiana University – 13 Points
8. THE Ohio State University – 11 Points
T9. University of Washington – 10 Points
T9. Rock Valley College – 10 Points
T11. San Jose State University – 9 Points
T11. Colorado College – 9 Points
T11. Purdue University – 9 Points
14. Texas Tech University – 8 Points
T15. Texas A&M University – 7 Points
T15. University of Maryland – 7 Points
T17. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 6 Points
T17. Georgia Tech University – 6 Points
19. College of DuPage – 5 Points
T20. University of Illinois – 3 Points
T20. UNC Charlotte – 3 Points
T20. The University of Utah – 3 Points
T20. The University of Kansas – 3 Points
T20. Arizona State University – 3 Points
T20. University of Northern Colorado – 3 Points
T20. Hobart and William Smith Colleges – 3 Points
T27. McGill University (In Canada!) – 2 Points
T27. Rowan University – 2 Points
T27. SUNY Oneonta – 2 Points
T27. Lansing Community College – 2 Points
T27. University of Massachusetts – Lowell – 2 Points
T27. Oregon State University – 2 Points
T27. Virginia Tech University – 2 Points
T34. The University of Virginia – 1 Point
T34. Lyndon State University – 1 Point
T34. Northland College – 1 Point
T34. Western Illinois University – 1 Point
T34. Florida State University – 1 Point
T34. Mississippi State University – 1 Point
T34. University of Michigan – 1 Point
T41. Everybody else – 0 Points

So We Kinda Screwed Up in Our Last Update

In our May 11th update, we awarded WxChallenge-category points to the schools with the top-10 collective cumulative results and top-10 individual tournament bracket results. This differs form our initial rules, which state that the individual points, like the collective points, are to be awarded to the schools with the top-10 cumulative results. In addition, we neglected to award points to our top 3 collective and individual finishers for the tournament city.

Fig 1. What we were supposed to do

As a personal preference, I like the way in which we awarded our WxChallenge-category points in the last update. The tournament bracket is a great feature for the individual side of the challenge, and because this America, the final results should be based on your performance in the playoffs. Nevertheless, we can’t fairly change our own rules for this year’s AtmoCup, so we have now awarded the correct points. The individual winners of the tournament bracket however, get to keep their hard earned American points. We’ll just consider them to be bonus points this year and make the tournament bracket an official part of the rules in 2018.

With that in mind, you’ll see plenty of new scoring on the board. In addition to the plethora of WxChallenge points being handed out, y’all have also stepped up your game on the storm spotting. Great work!

Rundown of This New Points

5/8 – Penn State (PSU), 10 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE, 1st* place individual (karlwx)

5/8 – NC State (NCS), 9 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 2nd place individual (ASKRAX)

5/8 – SUNY Albany (ALB), 8 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 3rd place individual (lazear)

5/8 – Washington (UWA), 7 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 4th place individual (brechp)

5/8 – Colorado State (CSU), 6 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 5th place individual (cfbxix)

5/8 – NC State (NCS), 5 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 6th place individual (lovell)

5/8 – Penn State (PSU), 4 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 7th place individual (Pens87)

5/8 – Colorado State (CSU), 3 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 8th place individual (gherma)

5/8 – SUNY Albany (ALB), 2 Points – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 9th place individual (kpap88)

5/8 – NC State (NCS), 1 Point – Wx Challenge CUMULATIVE 10th place individual (harmon)

5/8 – SUNY Albany (ALB), 6 Points – Wx Challenge, 1st place non-bracket individual (Efindl) for Dallas, TX

5/8 – SUNY Albany (ALB), 4 Points – Wx Challenge, 2nd place non-bracket individual (muadib) for Dallas, TX

5/8 – Colorado State (CSU), 2 Points – Wx Challenge, 3rd place non-bracket individual (cfbxix) for Dallas, TX

5/8 – SUNY Albany (ALB), 6 Points – Wx Challenge, 1st place collectively for Dallas, TX

5/8 –  Colorado State (CSU), 4 Points – Wx Challenge, 2nd place collectively for Dallas, TX

5/8 – McGill (MCG), 2 Points – Wx Challenge, 3rd place collectively for Dallas, TX

5/16 – Texas A&M, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, Tornado near McClean, TX

5/16 – Texas A&M, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, different Tornado near McClean, TX (That’s right folks, you get 3 points for each tornado.)

5/18 – Illinois, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, Tornado near St. John, KS

5/18 – Ball State, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, Tornado near Great Bend, KS

5/18 – Ball State, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, Tornado near Remington, IN

5/25 – Colorado State, 3 Points – Storm Spotting, Tornado near Sterling, CO (Claimed by another CSU student with a locked twitter account, so I couldn’t embed their claim, but I promise they claimed it in a timely manner.)

Colorado State and NC State were tied during our last update, and tied again when the correct WxChallenge points were accounted for. This means CSU’s tornado claim has officially broken the tie to their advantage! With 1 month remaining in our competition, it should be a tight race down the stretch!

Ways you can earn AtmoCup points for your school RIGHT NOW

Here are the complete rules and details of our 2017 AtmoCup competition listing the many ways in which you can earn points. We’ll be sure to post this link in each weekly update for your convenience. Here’s a brief overview of this week’s opportunities:

  • Storm spotting (As described in the rules)
  • Random bonus points (If you’re gonna pander, be creative!)
  • Claim the unclaimed bracket from our NCAA Tournament challenge. (You gotta prove it was your bracket, but it’s 5 points just sitting there. UPDATE: I think some rando joined the group and made this bracket because nobody is claiming this.)

With the WxChallenge and NCAA Tournament complete and our Instagram Challenge/Weekly Siren Test still on a hiatus, storm spotting is your best bet for earning AtmoCup points from here on out. For your convenience, here’s the list detailing how many points each storm item you claim is worth.


It seems unlikely that you’ll get to claim any of the winter weather phenomena at this point in the year (sorry Snownado fans). This means you gotta go out and chase some real storms if you wanna win the AtmoCup! You have until 0z July 1st, so start planning that chasecastion if you haven’t already. UPDATE: Since it’s now June, I’d recommend the northern plains.

Now get out there and earn some dang points.