The Scene:

The 2017 World Championship Weather Wrestling (WCWW) winterweight title match streaming LIVE exclusively on AtomLife dot com!

The Characters:

The Euro: Ring Announcer
The NAM and the GFS: Commentary Team
The Jet Streak: Wrestler 1
The Polar Vortex: Wrestler 2
Lee Cyclogenesis: Valet to The Jet Streak
#wxtwitter: The crowd

The Match:

The NAM: “Welcome to another episode of World Championship Weather Wrestling! Tonight’s main event is a slobberknocker in which The Jet Streak will go one on one with The Polar Vortex!”

The GFS: “Is it really one on one when that pesky Lee Cyclogenesis is right by the Jet Streak’s side?”

NAM: “We’ll see, onto the Euro for tonight’s introductions!”

Euro: “Aaaaaaaaaand now it is time for the Main Event of the evening! This contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! On their way to the ring, accompanied by Lee Cyclogenesis, The Jet Streeeeeeaaaaaaaaaak!

#wxtwitter (chanting): JET STREAK! JET STREAK! JET STREAK!

Euro: And their opponent, The Poooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaar Voooooooooooooortexxxxxx!”


GFS and NAM: “Let’s get the action underway!”

NAM: “What even is this?! Right out of the gate Lee takes a cheapshot at the referee!”

GFS: “I told you it wasn’t one on one!”

NAM: “The Jet Streak is already setting up for the Inverse Circulation, this early in the match?!”

#wxtwitter: “Lets go Jet Streak! VORTEX SUCKS!”

GFS: “Hold on a second, I think the Vortex is stirring around trying to get back into this thing. Wait a second, LEE CYCLOGENESIS HAS BEEN SENT BACK TO THE LOCKER ROOM. IT’S NOW TRULY ONE ON ONE!”

NAM: “The Streak has snapped! Oh wait what is this?! The Vortex is setting up for the 850° punch!”

#wxtwitter: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

GFS: “It connects! Streak’s down for the count!”

NAM and GFS: “1…2…3.. IT’S OVER!”

Euro: “And your winner by pinfall, The Pooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaar Voooooooooooortexxxxxxxxx!”

#wxtwitter (throwing trash toward ring): “YOU SUUUUUUUUCKKKK!”

NAM: “It seems that the Polar Vortex isn’t going away anytime soon!”

GFS: “…”

NAM: “That’s it for tonight’s episode of WCWW, thanks again for letting us into your homes and check us out next week for a potential title match between the HRRR and the RAP!”