After a unanimous decision from the AtmoLife board of directors, we are excited to announce that our little meteorology community is fixin’ to up & leave New Jersey and plant new roots in Dallas, Texas.

This strategic move is purposely designed to place us in the heart of Chasecationland. We can assure you that this move has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I (sorry for using “I” and “we” interchangeably) am changing cities for my actual job that pays me actual money, unlike AtmoLife, which is a hobby that does not pay me actual money.

We will miss having the opportunity to report live to you during Northeast snowmageddon events from our current headquarters in Hoboken. (If you live in the Northeast, and want to do that reporting on our behalf, hit us up.) Our move to the heartland however, will almost certainly bring increased storm coverage from your favorite weather blog that, up until now, has mainly focused on meteorology lifestyle coverage. You might even see us out on a tornado chase or two!

Along with this move will come new features here on AtmoLife dot com. These ideas are still in their adolescence, but stay tuned, for we plan to keep you posted as those details unfold. Until then, catch a nice sea breeze storm, enjoy some smoked brisket, brush up on your football takes, and float a river or two, because as soon as we land in the Lone Star State, we plan to hit the weather blogging ground running.