COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! Well, sort of. We get 5 tiny portions of non-intriguing, expensively-produced FBS games that fruitlessly attempt to satiate our pigskin appetites after months of starvation. Yes, this weekend is the tapas of college football. Even ESPN’s College Gameday refuses to recognize this meager slate of matchups as the official opening weekend. Therefore we will refer tapas weekend as Week 0. Bad football is still football however, and I, like many of you hunger-stricken fans, plan to watch every damn second of these games. So let’s go ahead and introduce AtmoLife’s newest hybrid football/weather feature by previewing the tailgating experiences for Week 0.

Tailgate of the week

AtmoLife’s top ranked tailgating experience based the matchup quality, weather quality, and sometimes other factors.


Stanford vs. Rice

The score of this game could get lopsided in Stanford’s favor quickly, so hopefully folks in Australia think we sent them a game actually worth getting excited about. If so, the locals along with the traveling Owl and Cardinal fans will get to enjoy a break from the oppressive summer heat and tailgate in some Southern Hemispheric FOOTIE WEATHAH (The Australian equivalent of FOOTBAW WEATHER, probably). Sunny skies and temperatures near 16°C will encourage tailgaters to remain enjoying their parking lot activities come the Noon, Sunday kickoff time.

Atmo Matchup of the week

The most intriguing game between two schools with Atmospheric Science programs.

84th Cinch Jeans Rocky Mountain Showdown at  Colorado State Univ

Oregon State @ Colorado State

The Oregon State Beavers, who have discussed giving AtmoLife the naming rights to their new football stadium, travel to Ft. Collins to take on the 2017 AtmoCup runners-up who will debut a brand new stadium of their own. As far as pure gridiron matchups go, this is easily the most intriguing of the week. With a rebuilding Pac-12 squad looking to make a statement on the road against an upper-tier group of 5 program, this may wind up being the only close game of Week 0. The sunny and hot-but-not-too-hot weather should be great for tailgating, and the student body will be back in town enjoying their last weekend before fall classes begin.

Slopfest of the Week

Although it may be unpleasant for tailgating, FOOTBAW WEATHER can often make a matchup more intriguing.


Portland State @ BYU

Fortunately (unfortunately?) there won’t be any FBS games impacted by Harvey’s rainfall this weekend, so we’ll turn our attention west to some potential heat-induced sloppiness.

Despite the oppressive heat, tailgating BYU fans will likely stay hydrated thanks to their beverage choices that are healthier than what most college football fans consume. The athletes, on the other hand, will feel like 2-a-days never ended as they square off in 90 degree heat in Provo Saturday (thanks to the same death ridge that will likely keep Harvey stationary over Texas). Don’t be surprised if key players need to sit out late due to cramping. With FCS Portland State in town however, said cramping will likely not impact the outcome of the game.

[Side note: We don’t normally rate games against lower-division schools, but we’ll make an exception this week since there’s only 5 games involving FBS teams.]

Full Tailgating Schedule!

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Saturday, 8/26

Oregon State @ Colorado State, 1830z (12:30 PM MDT) – Fort Collins, CO
Line: CSU -3.5, O/U: 58.5
Temp: 87°F, Precip: 20% TS, Wind: 10 KT E
Game Quality Rating: 3/5
Weather Quality Rating: 4/5
Bonuses/Deductions: (+1 FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY)
Tailgate Quality Rating: 8/10

Portland State @ Brigham Young, 1900z (1:00 PM MDT) – Provo, UT
Line: N/A, O/U: N/A
Temp: 94°F, Precip: None, Wind: 5 KT E
Game Quality Rating: 1/5
Weather Quality Rating: 3/5
Bonuses/Deductions: (+1 FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY, -1 FCS Opponent)
Tailgate Quality Rating: 4/10

Hawaii @ Massachusetts, 2200z (6:00 PM ET) – Amherst, MA
Line: PICK, O/U: 62.5
Temp: 70°F, Precip: None, Wind: 5 KT NW
Game Quality Rating: 1/5
Weather Quality Rating: 5/5
Bonuses/Deductions: (+1 FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY)
Tailgate Quality Rating: 7/10

South Florida @ San Jose State, 2330z (4:30 PM PDT) – San Jose, CA
Line: USF -20.5, O/U: 67
Temp: 81°F, Precip: None, Wind: 10 KT W
Game Quality Rating: 2/5
Weather Quality Rating: 4/5
Bonuses/Deductions: (+1 FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY)
Tailgate Quality Rating: 7/10

Sunday, 8/27 (Still Saturday night in America tho)

Stanford vs Rice, 0200z (12:00 PM AEST) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
Line: Stanford -31, O/U: 50.5
Temp: 61°F, Precip: None, Wind: 12 KT SE
Game Quality Rating: 2/5
Weather Quality Rating: 5/5
Bonuses/Deductions: (+1 FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY, +1 Australia sounds fun, +1 #Pac12AfterDark)
Tailgate Quality Rating: 10/10