(Header Image via Mark Ralston, Getty Images)

As you are likely well aware, It’s been a particularly brutal hurricane season for the North Atlantic, and many communities across the Gulf Coast and Caribbean greatly need your assistance. When Harvey caused catastrophic damage to Texas, we issued a challenge to our readers to find charities local to the impacted regions. This very blog post would serve as running list of links to the charities you found for us. Soon after we published this challenge, Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused even more catastrophic damage to Florida, Puerto Rico, and many other Caribbean islands. We are now extending our challenge to include the communities impacted by these storms as well.

You can already find comprehensive lists of ways you can help for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria via Charity Navigator, and we encourage you to check them out! In the case you know of additional ways to donate or assist that aren’t listed on Charity Navigator, please share them with us, and we’ll begin listing them below!