If you made one or more resolutions this new year, we assume they probably involve at least one of the following categories: improve physical health, improve mental health, quit an addiction, become more organized, stop being such a selfish and lazy jerk, spend more time with family and friends, spend more time outside. Becoming an internet badass was probably omitted from your goals, as it likely conflicts directly with the aforementioned objectives, but we’d like for you to reconsider. Flourishing into a keyboard guru in the weather community is a great aspiration for 2 reasons: It’s fun, and it’s easy.

The best way to kickoff your 2018 campaign of internet prowess is to follow AtmoLife’s top 100 meteorology twitter accounts. Just as we did for our 2017 list, we aren’t listing the 100 best meteorologists, but rather the 100 meteorology professionals and enthusiasts who are best at using Twitter. These tweeters all display internet qualities you as a weather enthusiast should aspire toward online:

  • Creating insightful original content
  • Resisting unnecessary hype generation
  • Interacting constructively with others in the meteorology community
  • Relating to weather but refusing to #StickToWeather
  • Injecting own personality into the science

We’d like to thank everyone on #wxtwitter who nominated their colleagues for what has become a surprisingly esteemed list. Many of our 2018 best are those you helped us discover. Once again, our finalists were extremely difficult to narrow down, as there are plenty more incredible twitter users in the meteorology community than just 100. We encourage you to seek out those atmospheric science accounts that speak to you yet didn’t make the cut. But first, to help you get started, here in no particular order are Atmolife’s top 100 meteorology Twitter accounts to follow in 2018.

*denotes repeat appearance from 2017 list

Government Agencies

1. National Weather Service (@NWS)* – The mothership for all NWS has recently stepped up their already stellar twitter game. We also recommend following your local NWS office!

2. NOAA NCEI Climate (@NOAANCEIclimate) – NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. Home of the US Drought monitor as well as other cutting-edge climate information and research.

3. NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites)* – Incredible NOAA satellite imagery fueling your inner weather geek.

Private/Non-Federal Agencies

4. Mount Washington Observatory (@MWObs) – Weather and climate research center located atop Mt. Washington, NH, where the “worst weather in the world” occurs.

5. National Weather Association (@nwas) – Professional association supporting and promoting excellence in operational meteorology and weather related activities.

6. NCAR & UCAR Science (@AtmosNews)* – The leading new source for atmospheric science research. They didn’t nominate themselves this time!

7. Oklahoma Mesonet (@okmesonet)* – Statewide network of weather observation instruments and a twitter account that hammers home their Oklahoma roots.

8. severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) – Weather forecasts and media covering our friends across the pond.

9. SunsetWx (@sunset_wx)* – Predicting where the most aesthetically pleasing sunrises and sunsets will occur and posting incredible pictures people took thanks to their forecasts. Recently partnered with The Weather Channel. They didn’t threaten to block us this year.

Meteorology Blogs

10. AtmoLife (@atmolife)* – duh

11. Capital Weather Gang (@capitalweather)* – Superb weather blogging from The Washington Post, somewhat focusing on our Nation’s Capital, but providing excellent news and explanations for meteorology phenomena worldwide.

12. Daily Wx Updates (@daily_wx)* – Solid blogging and even more solid twitter game.

13. Day In WX History (@weather_history)* – Take a trip down memory jet stream with incredible archive detailing historic weather events.

14. Nashville Severe Weather (@NashSevereWx) – Humorous and informative tweeting and blogging for Tennessee’s Nashville and Williamson Counties.

15. Tornado Talk (@tornado_talk) – Pennsylvania based tornado blog and research group.

16. US Tornadoes (@USTornadoes)* – From forecasts, to photos, to conceptual discussions, US Tornadoes is the buffet of American naders your twitter feed craves.

17. The Weather Junkies (@thewxjunkies)* – Weather bloggers and podcasters. Creators of a list of who not to follow that includes many folks on our list, so unfortunately you’ll need to constantly unfollow and refollow those people.

18. wxornotBG (@wxornotBG) – Timely, informative, and often comical forecast discussions for the Bowling Green, KY area.

Broadcast Meteorologists

19. Ada Monzón (@adamonzon ) – Meteorologist, WIPR Puerto Rico – AMS Fellow – Bilingual (English and Spanish) weather tweeter.

20. Brad Panovich (@wxbrad)* – Chief Meteorologist, NBC Charlotte

21. Cheryl Nelson (@CherylNelsonTV) – Meteorologist, CBM. Natural Disaster Preparedness Expert.

22. James Spann (@spann)* – Chief Meteorologist, ABC 33/40 Birmingham. Respect the polygon.

23. John Morales (@JohnMoralesNBC6)* – Chief Meteorologist, WTVJ Miami. Founder of ClimaData. Bilingual (English and Spanish) weather tweeter.

24. Keith Carson (@KeithCarson) – Meteorologist, WCSH/WLBZ Portland (ME)

25. Maureen McCann (@MaureenMcCann13) – Meteorologist, MyNews13 Orlando. AMS Commissioner on Professional Affairs.

26. Molly McCollum (@WXMolly)* – Meteorologist, KTUL Tulsa

27. Paul Heggen (@PaulHeggenWX)* – Meteorologist, WNCN Raleigh

28. Samantha Roberts (@SamRobertsWX)* – Meteorologist – WOIO Cleveland

29. Scott Sistek (@ScottSKOMO)* – Meteorologist, KOMO Seattle

30. SkiSurfWxMan (@TimNBCBoston) – Meteorologist, NECN/NBC Boston. Specializing in outdoor activities.

31. Tim Buckley (@TimBuckleyWX)* – Meteorologist, WFMY Greensboro

NOAA/NWS Meteorologists

32. Amy H Butler (@DrAHButler) – Atmospheric Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)

33. Caleb Grunzke (@CalebGrunzke)* – Research Associate, SPC/CIMMS

34. Courtney Obergfell (@ceober4)* – Meteorologist, NWS Sacramento

35. Derrick Snyder (@Derrick_Snyder) – Meteorologist, NWS Paducah. AtmoLife koozie hander-outer.

36. Gary Szatkowski (@GarySzatkowski)* – Meteorologist, NWS Mount Holly

37. Joey Picca (@ScienzaPiccola) – SPC Forecaster, Rated least Texan of SPC’s Texans.

38. Morgan Abigail (@morganabigail)* – Meteorologist, NWS Mobile

39. Rick Smith (@ounwcm) – Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Norman

40. Taylor Trogdon (@TTrogdon)* – Senior Scientist, NHC Storm Surge Unit

41. Trevor Boucher (@ZombieTrev5k) – Meteorologist, NWS San Antonio

Atmospheric Science Professors

42. Andrea Lopez Lang (@alopezlang) – University of Albany, Focus on synoptic to large-scale dynamics.

43. Brian Tang (@btangyWx) – University of Albany, Focus on hurricanes and severe weather.

44. Jason Furtado (@wxjay)* – University of Oklahoma, Focus on large-scale climate dynamics

45. Jeff Frame (@VORTEXJeff)* – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Focus on storm structure, severe and winter weather

46. Marshall Shepherd (@DrShepherd2013)* – University of Georgia, Focus on hydrometeorology, remote sensing, and climate change. Also contributes great science articles to Forbes.

47. Shawn Milrad (@shawnmilrad)* – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Focus on synoptic meteorology and forecasting

48. Stephanie Zick (@sezick)* – Virginia Tech, Focus on Tropical Cyclones

Miscellaneous Meteorologists

49. Alicia Bentley (@AliciaMBentley)* – Atmospheric Science PhD candidate at The University of Albany

50. Andrew Pritchard (@skydrama) – Ag Meteorologist for Agrible Inc. and Weather Forecaster for Chambana Weather

51. Anthony Masiello (@antmasiello)* – Meteorologist with NJDOT

52. Anthony Sagliani (@anthonywx)* – Meteorological Operations Manager at Earth Networks

53. Barb Mayes Boustead (@windbarb) – Omaha-based meteorologist, climatologist, and blogger

54. Becky DePodwin (@wx_becks)* – Meteorologist with AccuWeather. Moose and cat enthusiast.

55. Brandon Molyneaux (@WxBDM) – Research Meteorologist and Blogger, Tornado Talk and BDM Weather

56. Bryan Wood (@bryanwx)* – Meteorologist and Storm Damage Analyst in the insurance industry

57. crankyweatherguy (@crankywxguy)* – Synoptic expert and forecaster for the Northeastern US. Founder of stormhamster.com.

58. Dakota Smith (@weatherdak) – NCAR Research Scientist & Wx Junkies Co-Founder

59. David Roth (@DRmetwatch) – Maryland-based meteorologist with focus on climate and record weather events.

60. Dennis Merserau (@wxdam)* – Contributor to Forbes, Mental Floss, and Capital Weather Gang. Founder of The Vane (RIP in Peace), Roaster of chemtrail conspiracy theorists. Easily the best writer in our field. Hire Dennis.

61. Garrett Black (@GBlack_22) – Weather Reconnaissance Officer with the USAF Hurricane Hunters. Humidity-induced perspiration researcher.

62. Gina Eosco (@WxComm) – Communication researcher and social science support for NOAA’s Office of Weather and Air Quality

63. Harrison Sincavage (@HRRRison) – Penn State meteorology student. Forecaster and researcher with iWeatherNet.

64. Ian Livingston (@islivingston)* – Meteorologist with Capital Weather Gang and co-founder of US Tornadoes.

65. Jack Sillin (@JackSillin) – Meteorologist and blogger for weather.us

66. Jennifer Naillon (@jsnaillonwx) – UTM meteorology student and one of AtmoLife’s own contributors! Also writes for Global Weather and Climate Center.

67. JP Kalb (@wxjp2nyy) – Meteorologist and blogger for Global Weather and Climate Center. Also revealed the identity of the person behind the cursing police accounts.

68. Kathryn Prociv (@KathrynProciv) – Meteorologist and producer for The Weather Channel. Contributor for Capital Weather Gang and US Tornadoes.

69. Katie Wheatley (@mapgirl18) – GIS expert and blogger for US Tornadoes.

70. Levi Cowan (@TropicalTidbits)* – Tropical cyclone researcher/expert and founder of tropicaltidbits.com, which is hands down the greatest source for forecast and response information during Hurricane season.

71. Matt Lanza (@mattlanza)* – Meteorologist with Space City Weather and contributor to FiveThirtyEight

72. Mike Haggett (@WesternMEwx) – Quality, hype-free weather forecasting for PineTreeWeather.com

73. Noah Brauer (@NOAABrauer) – Meteorologist, OU graduate student, and contributor to weather5280.com

74. Phillip Klotzbach* (@philklotzbach) – Meteorologist with Colorado State University. Seasonal hurricane forecast specialist.

75. Ralph Abainza (@AbainzaRalph) – Philippines-based Geologist and meteorology enthusiast.

76. Rebecca Moulton (@RCPMWx) – FEMA Meteorologist. Communication and analysis expert for emergency management.

77. Sam Lillo (@splillo)* – Atmospheric Science PhD candidate at The University of Oklahoma

78. Simon Lee (@SimonLeeWx) – University of Reading (UK) meteorology student and blogger

79. Tyler Hamilton (@50ShadesofVan) – Vancouver-based Pacific NW Meteorologist for The Weather Network

Academic Organizations (new category wooo!)

80. Meteorology at NCSU (@NCSUmeteorology) – We’re going to ignore the fact that this account hasn’t tweeted in over a year because the reigning AtmoCup champions earned an auto-bid for their consistent and collaborative efforts throughout last year’s competition. If you want actual good twitter accounts, just follow the individual students who make up this group. You can find them flooding our mentions during the upcoming 2018 AtmoCup season.

81. Penn State Radar Meteorology (@PSU_RadarMeteo) – Radar meteorology group tweeting awesome tidbits from their research.

82. White Squirrel Weather (@WKUweather) – Student-run meteorology group providing fun and easy to discern weather information for Western Kentucky University. Other university meteorology organizations need to take notes from these folks!

Storm Chasers

83. Beth Allan (@adolwyn)* – Alberta-based storm chaser and nature photographer.

84. Billy Faletti (@TeenWeatherman) – Meteorology student and storm chaser. Will eventually need to update twitter handle.

85. Echo (@ChasingWithEcho) – Very good dog who storm chases. Honorable mention goes to Echo’s human, meteorologist @WxDeFlitch.

86. Jeff Piotrowski (@Jeff_Piotrowski) – Come for the live storm videos. Stay for the #BlueShed.

87. Jim Tang (@wxmann) – California-based programmer, storm chaser, and photographer.

88. Josh Morgerman (@iCyclone)* – Hurricane chaser and founder of iCyclone.

89. Paxton Biggs (@PaxPhotography) – GIS Expert, Photographer, Storm Chaser. Former AtmoLife Top 100 snub.

90. Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu)* – Extreme Meteorologist for AccuWeather. Formerly TVN and Storm Chasers. Applebee’s connoisseur.


91. Bernadette Woods (@BernadetteWoods) – Chief Meteorologist for Climate Central and Director for Climate Matters

92. Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49)* – Alaska based Climatology PhD and moose expert

93. Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins)* –  University of Reading (UK) Professor and Climatologist

94. Kathie Dello (@KathieDello)* – Associate Director for Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

95. Lan Ma (@LanMisty) – Dendro-climate researcher for San Francisco State University


96. #LOCKITIN (@lockingitin) – 240-hr GFS shows a foot of snow in your location? LOCK. IT. IN.

97. Hot Weather Takes (@paulythegun)* – DC based [interchangeable weather or politics topic] expert. Photoshop/GIF maker. Recurring jokes include #jetweirding and the pee tape.

98. Karl The Fog (@KarlTheFog) – Sentient San Francisco based Marine Layer

99. NWS Podunk (@NWSPodunk)* – Fictional NWS office constantly experiencing not so fictional problems.

100. stormchasernick (@stormchasernick)* – Cincinnati/E. Pittsburg based Photoshop/GIF maker, storm chaser, map defacer.

Congratulations to our finalists! If you’re on the list, keep up the good tweets. If your handle wasn’t selected this round, we know you’ll find a way to impress us for our 2019 list. Who did we miss? Leave your favorite meteorology twitter accounts that we snubbed in the comments below.