I recently got to hear one of my inspirations in the weather enterprise, Krissy Hurley who is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Nashville, speak on my University campus. Even though 75% of her talk was about weather safety and a little about the NWS, she touched on how few women there are in the National Weather Service compared to men. After her talk, I started to think about how far I’ve come.  I wouldn’t be where I am now in my studies if it weren’t for the women in weather, here’s a thank you to them all.

Thank you, for always breaking down the glass ceiling that catapults us beyond the “just a pretty face weather lady.”

Thank you (to everyone really), for always defending the validity of our field.

Thank you, for being there to say this isn’t just a man’s world.

Thank you, for being able to teach and pave the way for students studying the weather.

And finally, thank you for always being an inspiration for students like me.