1. University of Albany – 8 Points
2. McGill University – 5 Points
T3. University of Tennessee-Martin – 4 Points
T3. University of Manitoba – 4 Points
5. University of Missouri – 3 Points
T6. University of Maryland – 2 Points
T6. San Jose State University – 2 Points
T6. Colorado State University – 2 Points
T6. Arizona State University – 2 Points
T10. University of Wisconsin – 1 Point
T10. North Carolina State University – 1 Point
T10. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – 1 Point
T13. Everybody Else – 0 Points

12 schools are now on the board including reigning champion NC State who notched the first AtmoCup bonus point of 2018. We also awarded the season’s first storm claim points to Manitoba for sending us their thundersnow and blizzard videos. Meanwhile, Albany has surged into 1st place thanks to their continued Wx Challenge prowess.

IMPORTANT RULE UPDATE: The storms chased by Manitoba occurred a couple weeks prior to them claiming it. Since the competition had in fact begun when the storms occurred, and because we had not yet written a rule regarding the time limit for storm claiming, we awarded the points. However, going forward, all participants have 24 hours to claim a storm from the time it occurs in order for AtmoCup points to be awarded.

Rundown of Newly Earned Points

2/8 – Manitoba, 3 Points – Storm Claim, Thundersnow (Thunder+Lightning) by NZM Chasers.

2/8 – Manitoba, 1 Point – Storm Claim, Blizzard by NZM Chasers.

2/8 – NC State, 1 Point – Random Bonus Point, Giving AtmoLife a shoutout at a basketball game by Brandon Black.

2/16 – UTM, 2 Points – Writing for AtmoLife, A Meteorology Student’s Handy Guide to #wxtwitter by Jennifer Naillon.

2/17 – Albany (ALB), 3 Points – Wx Challenge, 1st place individual (mzhou5) for Madison, WI

2/17 – Maryland (UMD), 2 Points – Wx Challenge, 2nd place individual (dtk920) for Madison, WI

2/17 – Albany (ALB), 1 Point – Wx Challenge, 3rd place individual (lazear) for Madison, WI

2/17 – Mizzou (MIZ), 3 Points – Wx Challenge, 1st place collectively for Madison, WI

2/17 –  San Jose State (SJS), 2 Points – Wx Challenge, 2nd place collectively for Madison, WI

2/17 –  Wisconsin (UWI), 1 Point – Wx Challenge, 3rd place collectively for Madison, WI

Ways you can earn AtmoCup points for your school RIGHT NOW

As we mentioned in our preview, there’s 5 ways you can rack up points for your university this year, and all means except 1 are currently in play.

  • Finish high in the Wx Challenge! Forecasting for Madison, Wisconsin begins today, and the top 3 individual and team scores for the city win AtmoCup points.
  • Write an article for AtmoLife! Your blog post here will be easiest 2 points you’ll ever earn, and I promise I’m super nice and supportive as an editor. Click here to write with us!
  • Spot some storms! We award points for wild winter weather too, so it ain’t too early to start claiming the listed phenomena for your school.
  • Random bonus points! Where’s the pandering been this year, NC State?

Now get out there and earn some dang points.