1. North Carolina State University – 14 Points
2. University of Washington – 12 Points
3. Ball State University – 11 Points
T4. Central Michigan University – 9 Points
T4. San Jose State University – 9 Points
T4. SUNY Oswego – 9 Points
T4. University of Albany – 9 Points
T8. Colorado State University – 8 Points
T8. Cornell University – 8 Points
T8. University of Oklahoma – 8 Points
T11. Rowan University – 7 Points
T11. Texas A&M University – 7 Points
13. Massachussetts Institute of Technology – 6 Points
T14. Iowa State University – 5 Points
T14. McGill University – 5 Points
T16. St. Cloud State University – 4 Points
T16. THE Ohio State University – 4 Points
T16. University of Manitoba – 4 Points
T16. University of Nebraska – 4 Points
T16. University of Tennessee-Martin – 4 Points
T21. Rutgers University – 3 Points
T21. University of Maryland – 3 Points
T21. University of Missouri – 3 Points
T21. York University in Toronto – 3 Points
T25. Arizona State University – 2 Points
T25. Millersville University – 2 Points
T25. University of Kansas – 2 Points
T25. University of Virginia – 2 Points
T29. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – 1 Point
T29. Northern Illinois University – 1 Point
T29. South Dakota School of Mines – 1 Point
T29. University of Illinois – 1 Point
T29. University of Miami – 1 Point
T29. University of North Dakota – 1 Point
T29. University of Wisconsin – 1 Point
36. Everybody Else – 0 Points

With the conclusion of The WX Challenge and our very own NCAA Bracket Challenge, we have a lot of new points to add. 35 Universities are now on the board, and our new leader going into the home stretch of the season is, not surprisingly, NC State. We also have a few new storm claims and bonus points adding to the totals. The entire list of earned points from the 2018 season can be found here. More importantly, we have a couple significant updates to the rules.

  1. The 2018 AtmoCup season has been extended through June. Partly due to the lack of storms, but mostly due to our negligence, there has been very little point scoring this spring, and it would be wrong to wrap up this competition just 9 days after taking it off the back burner. Extending the AtmoCup to 0Z July 1 ensures that plenty more bonus points will be awarded, and hopefully a resurgent June in the Great Plains makes up for the lack of storms this May.
  2. For the next 24 hours, you can claim any storm you’ve witnessed this season. For the same reasons mentioned in update 1, if you’ve taken photos/videos this year of anything listed below, tweet them to us (@atmolife) and earn the respective points for your University.
  • Tornado: 3 points
  • Hail > 2″: 1 point
  • Hail > 4″: 2 points
  • Waterspout: 1 point
  • Thundersnow (can be claimed on a per-storm basis, not per-lightning strike): 1 point lightning, 1 point thunder, 3 points both
  • White-out Blizzard: 1 point
  • Freezing rain accretion > 1″: 1 point
  • Freezing rain accretion > 2″: 2 points
  • Haboob: 2 points
  • Turning around and not drowning: 1 point
  • Heat burst: 5 points
  • Snownado: 100 points (has to be a legit tornado in a snowstorm)

As always, here is the full set of rules (prior to the above updates) for our 2018 contest. Don’t forget that you can also earn AtmoCup points by writing for AtmoLife! Send us an email or slide into our Twitter DMs if you want to get started. Good luck the rest of way!