Congratulations! You’ve been cast to star as the lead role in this Summer’s upcoming mega-blockbuster The Meteorologist. The filming is set to begin soon, and it’s time for you to get into character. Just what exactly are the idiosyncrasies of the Meteorologist you play? Find out below and share your results in the comments!

Your character’s defining trait = Last digit of your phone number

  • 0: Bubbly
  • 1: Clumsy
  • 2: Fearless
  • 3: Gullible
  • 4: Hyper
  • 5: Lazy
  • 6: Obnoxious
  • 7: Paranoid
  • 8: Romantic
  • 9: Scatterbrained

Your character’s career path = Your birth month

  • Jan: CEO of startup forecasting agency
  • Feb: Freshman meteorology major
  • Mar: Graveyard shift Weather Channel meteorologist
  • Apr: Head of NOAA
  • May: Location station Chief Meteorologist
  • Jun: Military combat weather technician
  • Jul: New-grad private sector meteorologist
  • Aug: NWS intern
  • Sep: Oil-funded climate scientist
  • Oct: Tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • Nov: University Department Head
  • Dec: Veteran SPC Forecaster

Your character’s special talent = The first letter of your first name

  • A: Baking weather symbol shaped pastries
  • B: Chasing tornadoes on horseback
  • C: Counting the local aerosol PPM with the naked eye
  • D: Creating weather GIFs that get a good laugh every time
  • E: Deriving QG equations at Parties
  • F: Drawing weather maps in MS Paint
  • G: Dropping sick tornado siren remix tracks
  • H: Duct taping glaciers to keep pieces from breaking off
  • I: Singing telegrams of severe weather warnings
  • J: Flapping arms really fast to create frontogenesis
  • K: Gathering hurricane measurements in a bi-plane
  • L: Golfing with golf ball-sized hailstones
  • M: Identifying the exact location where the altostratus becomes cirrostratus
  • N: Imitating gravity waves on the dance floor
  • O: Martial art fighting with a sling psychrometer
  • P: Modeling WRF and modeling on the runway
  • Q: Not forgetting to forecast for fog
  • R: Predicting the correct snow to liquid ratio
  • S: Tokyo drifting the DOW
  • T: Shoveling snow away faster than any dang plow machine
  • U: Knowing exactly when El Niño will hit your house
  • V: Solving crimes with METAR code patterns
  • W: Surviving heat waves without air conditioning
  • X: Remembering to bring plants inside before a freeze
  • Y: Using visible satellite at night
  • Z: Writing poetic forecast discussions

Your Character’s Vice = Your Number of Siblings

  • Oldest Child: Driving across flooded roads
  • Middle Child: Spelling lightning as “lightening”
  • Youngest Child: Publishing others’ storm footage without crediting them
  • Only Child: Reporting marble-sized hail
  • Adopted: Sharing model snow maps

Your Character’s Primary Adversary = Your Eye Color

  • Brown: Budget cuts
  • Blue: A rival meteorologist
  • Green: Broken equipment
  • Hazel: The death ridge

I’ll share my result: I’m a lazy Weather Channel met working the graveyard shift. My modeling talents include both the WRF and the runway. I have a bad habit of reporting marble-sized hail, and budget cuts are threatening my livelihood. Seems like it could be an interesting flick, but I think I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix to watch. 2.5 Stars.

How would you rate the film your character stars in? Let us know in the comments, tweet it at us, or really share this in any form because ATMOLIFE IS BACK!! (and we deserve clicks dangit!)