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Hey reader! Thanks for checking out our website. If you’re here, it’s probably because you like weather stuff. Here at AtmoLife, we got plenty of weather stuff made specially for weather people like you.

Very few professions have an employee base as passionate for their craft as meteorology does, and most of us involved within the greater umbrella of atmospheric science developed a deep fascination for mother nature at an early age. Whether you work in weather or are just an enthusiast of the environment, this fascination flourishes beyond our careers and into every facet of our lifestyle.

We shamelessly discuss work outside of work with our colleagues over several beers.

We are constantly begged by our outsider friends to talk about something other than weather.

We get MAD ONLINE when outsiders disrespect our industry.

We awake in the middle of the night to check a model’s latest take on a potential extreme event.

We plan vacations to the middle of nowhere in hopes of catching a glimpse of said extreme event.

We rally behind neighborhoods devastated by the impacts of catastrophic weather.

We are a community.

As a community, it’s time we had an online home, and that’s what AtmoLife strives to become. It will certainly take a while, but we hope to eventually grow into the go-to website for all meteorology people. We’re gonna need lots and lots of user participation to turn this humble weather blog into a flourishing interactive community. This means we want to hear from you!

Be an internet commenter! We encourage hot takes and angry criticism.

Be an AtmoLife blogger! Write about your own experiences as a meteorologist.

Tell your colleagues about AtmoLife! The more meteorology folks the meteorology-er.

On the right-hand side of the page, you can also find the AtmoLife social media links. Give us some likes and follows! Just because AtmoLife dot com is our home, doesn’t mean we can’t play in other people’s yards.


Prescott Bishop – AtmoLife Founder and Managing Editor

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